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Equipment Repair & Support

We Diagnose and Repair Computer Equipment Onsite

Our Mobile Computer Technicians Come To You

Uptime Techsultants provides Equipment Repair & Support solutions for small to medium sized businesses throughout Orlando and Central Florida. There is no need to pack up the computer and bring it to the store. Our experienced technicians will come to you at your home or office. Consumers have trusted Uptime Techsultants in their homes and businesses for years.

  Troubleshooting Software & OS Issues

If your computer won't boot due to a software or operating system error, we can help diagnose and restore it to working condition.

  Troubleshooting Hardware Issues

From disk drives to video cards to network infrustructure, Uptime Techsultants are capable of identifying malfunctioning equipment and either repairing or procuring replacement equipment quickly to keep you up and running.

  Data Recovery

If your system won't boot and you don't have a backup, please don't hesitate to contact us. We may be able to recover your data. If we cannot, we will recommend you to a local data recovery company that has a state of the art clean room to perform data recovery on your defective drive.