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Desktop & Server Support

Uptime Can Help Fix Desktop & Server Issues

Available When You Need Us Most

Uptime Techsultants provides on-site and remote support solutions for small to medium sized businesses throughout Orlando and Central Florida. Whether you need application support, performance tuning, virus removal, backups, migrations, or an emergency recovery, we have the tools and knowledge to get you back up and running fast.

  Application Support

We can help your employees be more productive by quickly addressing learning issues and application errors. We support all Microsoft Office applications as well as QuickBooks, Peachtree, and many other industry specific applications.

  Emergency Data Recovery & Backup Restoration

If your server or workstation crashed and won't boot up, we can diagnose the cause and get you back up and running quickly. In certain cases, data recovery or restoration from a backup drive may be necessary. We have several options and methods of extracting data by moving it to a new server or temporary workstation so that we can minimize any interruption with the continuity of your business.

Every hour of downtime can potentially cost your business hunbdreds or thousands of dollars. Trust Uptime to get you up and running fast.

  Performance Tuning

Uptime Techsultants can keep your workstations running lean and mean by carefully selecting which background processes really need to be running and consuming your hardware resources.

  Virus Cleaning & Spyware Removal

We stay on top of the latest spyware, virus, and malware removal tools and procedures. We have developed our own cleaning procedures that will salvage even the most infected operating systems. We are also knowledgeable with which software and tools will help keep your employees computers clean so your employees can keep working without worry.

  Server Administration & Management

We can maintain and update your server periodically to ensure that you have the latest security updates & patches for vulnerabilities. Additionally, we can monitor your system's vital processes and ensure that all backups, databases, and software are running well.

  Data Backup & Maintenance

Uptime installs and maintains on-site and off-site data backup solutions like Macrium Reflect and IDrive. We can check periodically to make sure backups are working properly in case of a need for emergency recovery.