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Secure Cloud File Server Solutions

Securely Backup, Access, and Share Your Files From Anywhere

File Storage, Backup, & Sharing Wherever You Go

Uptime Techsultants provides Cloud File Storage & Sharing solutions for small to medium sized businesses throughout Orlando and Central Florida. Collaborating on projects has never been easier! With several storage options, file version control, and accessibility from anywhere in the world, cloud-based file storage solutions are becoming a necessity for all businesses. In addition to collaboration, cloud storage solutions offer great offsite backup solutions.

  Dropbox® For Business

Dropbox Hosted Exchange Orlando

Dropbox for Business provides one home for all your work — keeping teams in sync so they can focus less on accessing files and more on getting the job done. With simple yet powerful tools for onboarding, offboarding, and managing your team, it's easier than ever to maintain visibility and control over company information. Finally there's an easy way to share files with external collaborators, while protecting content every step of the way.

  Real-Time File Backups

Your files are among your company's most precious assets, so from accidental deletions to misplaced devices, you need to be prepared. Today's tools, though, can be painful, time-intensive, and costly. Manually loading data onto external hard drives, CDs, or investing in complex and expensive backup solutions is a lot of work. The worst part is that neither approach is likely to save your team's most up-to-date files.

Dropbox for Business gives you protection where it's needed most, with secure, automatic backup of the latest versions of your most frequently handled files.

Uptime Techsultants are certified to configure and maintain Dropbox® storage services so that your team can utilize all that Dropbox® collaboration has to offer.

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